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JN Medsys
Clarity™ Digital PCR Technology
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Clarity Plus™ Digital PCR Technology

The Clarity Plus digital PCR system is the latest offering from JN Medsys that offers unprecedented specifications and performance for your absolute quantification needs. With 45,000 partitions per reaction on a high-density chip, it provides higher resolution, sensitivity and dynamic range for your quantifying RNA and DNA. It features a 6-colour detection system that allows for multiplexed quantification in each reaction chip.  These represent a significant upgrade from the first generation Clarity system. In spite of these, the Clarity Plus retains the easy workflow and high-throughput capabilities of the first generation system. Taken together, the Clarity Plus has undoubtedly one of the best specifications in any digital PCR system to date. Try it now to feel its power.

Exponent™ High-Performance Thermal Cycler

Exponent™ is a high-performance 96-well thermal cycler that provides users with all the features required to achieve the most reliable and precise PCR results. It offers flexible programming and rapid ramp rates of up to 5.5°C/s, allowing faster cycling times and minimizes the overall workflow duration.
Users can look forward to high-quality and reproducible experimental results with its excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy. The gradient temperature function supports a difference of 1°C to 30°C across the block, allowing rapid and accurate optimization performed with ease.

Exponent™ features a compact footprint and a user-friendly graphical user interface, which makes operation highly intuitive.

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