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Cancer Liquid Biopsy by microRNA


Unique Features

  • Unique RT Primer :

    Conformational restricted miRNA specific RT primer efficiently hybridizes to mature but not precursor form of target miRNA.

  • Specific Real-Time PCR Primers :

    miRNA specific forward and reverse real-time PCR primers confer further specificity and enable robust amplification of amplicon.

  • Tailored RT-qPCR Reagents :

    Optimized RT and qPCR master mixes enhance signal to noise ratio.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Sensitivity

    Optimized RT-qPCR primers and reagents to drive efficient target amplification from limiting amounts (≥1pg) of input RNA sample.

  • Improved Specificity

    No universal primers. Every assay utilizes three miRNA specific primers to discriminate single nucleotide differences.

  • Speedy Detection

    RNA to Ct in less than 2 hours for faster turnaround and improved throughput.

  • Reliable Data

    Assays optimized by MIRXES’ proprietary algorithm and wet-lab validated with synthetic miRNA templates and RNA from biological samples.

  • Convenience

    Complete kit to minimize set-up time. Compatible with all major qPCR instruments.

Single Assay_edited.jpg
Superior Sensitivity.PNG

Superior Sensitivity

The unique three primer design of the IDEAL™ miRNA qPCR Assays yields class leading sensitivity compared to other miRNA detection systems. These assays are shown to have more consistent performance over miRNAs with varying sequences especially those with high AT content

Greater Reproducibility

MiRXES IDEAL™ miRNA qPCR assays yielded highly reproducible results in profiling more than 200 miRNAs from 30 cancer sera over a year in two independent laboratories (R2> 0.95). The ease of use enables even first time users to generate consistent technical and biological replicates.

Greater Reproducibility_edited.png

Unparalleled Specificity

The combination of miRNA specific RT primer and nested qPCR primer pairs enables assays to efficiently discriminate highly homologous miRNA family members with single nucleotide difference.

RNA Isolation

Re-defining miRNA Quantification with Sensitivity, Specificity and Speed

Hypothesis Free Target Identification

MiRXES ID3EAL miRNA Knowledge Panels are ready-to-use assay panels for microRNAs relevant to specific areas of research. Each panel profiles 176 or 352 miRNAs selected through extensive survey of published literature and in-house research data.

Target Validation

Re-defining miRNA Quantification with Sensitivity, Specificity and Speed

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