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Live Cell Imaging made Easy

Are you looking for a tool that enables label-free and kinetic live-cell imaging studies during physiologically optimal conditions? With HoloMonitor Label-free Live Cell Imaging technology, you can get images, quantitative data and study life and death of your cells directly inside your incubator.

Label-free live cell analysis directly from your incubator

One experiment, many results - gain insights into the health and quality of your cells, cell tracking, cell motility, cell proliferation, and cell morphology. With a cell-friendly, fast and easy-to-use technology, images, videos, and quantitative data are easily captured. The HoloMonitor label-free live cell imaging system offers you a powerful and unique portfolio of cell biological applications.

HoloMonitor Time-lapse Movies

Etoposide treated DU 145 prostate cancer cells undergoing programmed cell death, apoptosis.  The images were extracted from a 61-hour time-lapse microscopy video using HoloMonitor M4 and Hstudio.

Time-lapse of stem cells grown on microgrid arrays from Microsurfaces, images captured using the HoloMonitor M4.

Giant Mouse Fibro Blast Cell Eats Dying Cell in a L929 Cell Culture. Captured with HoloMonitor M4.

A spheroid interacting with other cells. Cell Line: untreated Glioblastoma U87MG.

HoloMonitor Images

Jimt-1 cell line

DU-145 cell line

L929 cell line


Apoptosis DU-145 cell line


Differentiated 3T3 cell

Wound healing Jimt-1

Cell motility L929

Mitosis Pan C

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