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Lonza UltraMDCK™ Serum-free Renal Cell Medium (Cat# BEBP12-749Q)

UltraMDCKTM, serum-free medium, with L-Glutamine, 1 L

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UltraMDCK™ Serum-free Renal Cell Medium is a defined, serum-free medium designed to support the growth of MADIN-DARBY Canine Kidney (MDCK) cells at low and high plating densities. UltraMDCK™ Medium contains low levels of recombinant human insulin and bovine transferrin, yielding a very low protein formulation. MDCK cells grown in UltraMDCK™ Medium are smaller and more densely packed than cells grown in the presence of serum, and cultures can stay confluent for at least two weeks without medium change.

This BioWhittaker™ Cell Culture Media is produced according to cGMP and labelled "For Further Manufacturing" (FFM). If you require different pack sizes, contact us for more details.




Supports MDCK in viral vaccine applicatons at both high and low densities.




Serum-free Cell Culture


Content & Storage


1L bottle

Catalog #: BEBP12-749Q - 1L



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