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Isoplexis IsoLight System (Cat# ISOLIGHT-1000-1)

Automate your entire workflow with the IsoLight system. The IsoLight's innovative and impactful end-to-end workflow covers a wide range of applications, from early optimization to applying key, correlative insights and visualizations.

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Predictive Single Cell Response

The IsoLight is a hub for comprehensive functional profiling of each cell type across a large assay menu of single-cell chip and software products. Run an entire highly-multiplexed proteomics workflow. Just add your sample and walk away, achieving fully analyzed data on the same day.


Through IsoCode® Chips, the IsoLight® captures single-cell, functional proteomics profiles from thousands of single cells in parallel to better understand complex immunotherapy patient response. Through CodePlex® Chips, the IsoLight® enables highly multiplexed proteomics from low sample volumes to generate bulk cytokine data via a fully automated workflow.


Our IsoSpeak® bioinformatics platform helps discover new patient relationships among heterogeneous cells and clearly defines subsets of powerful, polyfunctional cells, secreting 2+ cytokines simultaneously, that can help predict patient outcome and determine disease progression.


Discover the Benefits of Single-Cell Cytokine Profiling with the IsoLight®

The first and only system designed to functionally profile immunotherapy products at the single cell level, including CAR-T and TCR-T product characterization, clinical biomarker discovery, patient monitoring, and biomarkers for checkpoint inhibitor and combination therapies.


IsoPlexis' Single-Cell Functional Technology

Simple and Easy to Use

  •   - Less than 10 minutes of hands-on time

  •   - Immune cells of interest are isolated and stimulated following IsoPlexis’ proven and published sample preparation protocols

  •   - One pipette action per sample

  •   - Automated sample tracking barcode scanner

  •   - Built-in bioinformatics for intuitive data analysis


Highly Versatile

  •   - A benchtop instrument that fits into every lab

  •   - Completely automated and hands-off workflow

  •   - With advanced fluidics and precision imaging, live single cells are automatically detected within an onboard incubator

  •   - 1 to 8 chips per run with a throughput of 1k to 8k single cells

  •   - Over 30-plex functional secreted cytokines are automatically analyzed per single cell to identify the unique polyfunctional cell subsets that are unable to be detected by traditional technologies


Impactful Data

  •   - Cell detection and cytokine analysis are performed automatically within the IsoSpeak software suite

  •   - Easily create advanced bioinformatics visualizations for comparison between samples and generation of data reports

  •   - Captured unique single-cell biology has been correlative in many data sets

  •   - Highly specific and sensitive results

  •   - Enhances discovery of clinically relevant biomarkers

  •   - Enables improved targeting and monitoring of complex treatments

  •   - Ensures consistent and improved cellular product manufacturing

IsoLight System


IsoSpeak Software


IsoLight Service Agreement - 1 Year


IsoLight Service Agreement - 2 Years


IsoLight Service Agreement - 3 Years




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