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Non-specific extension of primers at low temperature is a common cause of PCR artifacts and poor assay specificity and sensitivity.

Quantabio PCR reagents are formulated with ultrapure AccuStart™ DNA polymerase, which contains a stringent antibody hotstart to ensures specific and efficient primer extension only after activation at 94°C.  Our enzymes are rigorously purified to remove host E. coli genomic DNA and are ideally suited for applied testing applications such as bacterial pathogen detection where residual host DNA in typical recombinant enzyme preparations can limit assay sensitivity and obscure detection of low copy targets.

Sample Preparation

Quantabio extraction reagents provide a simplified and cost-effective alternative to traditional nucleic acid (NA) purification methods and are optimized to work in series with Quantabio ToughMix reagents.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Quantabio offers complete solutions for library preparation, amplification, purification and quantification used on Illumina next generation sequencing platforms. High quality reagents deliver unmatched efficiency and robust performance to ensure reliable and reproducible sequencing results while reducing total sequencing costs.

Choosing the Right Product Based on Your NGS Workflow
Features and Benefits
  • Fast, easy library prep with high conversion rate and exceptional quality 

  • Unique enzyme chemistry for library prep paired with new 2x HiFi master mix maximizes efficiency and minimizes bias

  • Highly sensitive supporting a wide range of DNA inputs from as little as 250 pg

  • Excellent sequencing performance with great coverage uniformity

  • Streamlined single-tube solutions with minimal hands-on time 


Quantabio genotyping kits are optimized to provide reliable genotype determination using quantitative SNP detection or gel electrophoresis analysis with crude extracts or inhibitory sample materials such as plant or animal tissues.

Reverse Transcription Reagents

Quantabio reverse transcription reagents combine advanced qScript reverse transcriptase technology in a variety of stabilized, user-friendly formulations that deliver highly reproducible and sensitive RNA detection across a broad range of RNA input.

Quantabio scientists were the first to successfully develop a comprehensive 1-tube reverse transcriptase reagent with sensitivity and linear dynamic range equivalent to traditional component reaction assembly. New qScript XLT reagents continue to set new boundaries for limit of detection (LOD) sensitivity and reproducibility.

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