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Small Molecule Inhibitors

Small molecule inhibitors can bind to target proteins and reduce their biological activity and are often used as tools in biological and pharmacological research.

Small molecule inhibitors have many advantages. For example, they can be easily manipulated and can be applied to a variety of cell or animal experiments; they have good permeability to cross cell membranes easily; they have higher stability, which can reduce the instability in an experiment. Small molecule inhibitors have become important tool drugs in life science research in recent years due to their significant advantages in the regulation of different cellular processes, ranging from cell cycle control and mitosis to signaling pathways and gene expression; and from migration and wound healing, to apoptosis and autophagy.

Targetmol can provide a variety of small molecule inhibitors of hot signaling pathways for research and development.

Signaling Pathways
DNA Alkylator/ Crosslinker (2)
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