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[News & Announcement] HemaVision® -28Q Listed in Department of Health, Hong Kong SAR


We are excited to announce that Medikonia, as Local Responsible Person (LRP) and distributor, has received the Certificate of Listing for HemaVision® -28Q, a CE marked In vitro diagnostics (IVD) test for fast and sensitive detection of chromosomal translocations associated with leukemia, from the Department of Health Hong Kong SAR.  


HemaVision® -28Q, developed by DNA Diagnostic A/S, is a RT-qPCR based assay that can detect more than 145 clinically relevant breakpoints and splice variants in just 4 hours in a single test, using total RNA samples from human blood or bone marrow.  


The test has already been widely used in Europe and other regions. With this approval from Hong Kong regulatory body, it is believed that local chronic and acute leukemia patients will greatly benefit from this fast and sensitive test.