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[Seminar & Demo] 1st Nov 2023: Medikonia Seminar & Demo Day


The 1st Nov 2023 marked a Medikonia Seminar & Demo Day.

Our Scientific Support Team and sales team delivered 3 sessions in 3 different universities among Hong Kong and Macau.

1. Yan, Doris Qin was presenting Monolith X from NanoTemper Technologies to the scientists in the University of Macau;

2. Miller Leung was sharing the mycoplasma-free management solution from Lonza BioResearch Solutions at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology;

3. Chin Soon Chee was demonstrating WOLF cell sorter from NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc. to the scientists from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

As the Most Outstanding Solution Provider in Biological Products and Service in Hong Kong, we are committed to bringing innovative and reliable solutions to our scientists and help biotech industry move forward.