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[Conference & Exhibition] Medikonia's Solution on Cellular Quantitative Analysis


【Conference & Exhibition】


Together with the Biomedical Technology Support Centre, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), Medikonia held a conference about Medikonia's Solution Cellular Quantitative Analysis on 18/04/2023 in HKSTP. The event was conducted with great success.
Our CEO, Mr.Joe Lai shared our mission to make research simply easier and the strong capabilities of our local support team to the audiences.

Then, our technical manager, Dr. Doris Qin talked multi-color panel design on Full Spectrum Flow Cytometer empowered by Cytek Biosciences.

Last but not least, our Field Application Specialist Dr. Chris Cheung presented Yokogawa Confocal quantitative imaging cytometer on high content screening empowered by Yokogawa Life Science.

Thank you all for your participation and we look forward to continuing to provide valuable workshops for scientists.