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Element AVITI™ System

Unrivaled combination of performance, cost, and flexibility featuring the speed of Cloudbreak™ technology.

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  • Daily completion of sequencing runs

  • Diverse read lengths with the flexibility to tune output

  • Exceptional accuracy with early insight into data quality

  • Lowest benchtop operating costs at a fixed price

  • Seamless compatibility with leading assays



$5 per Gb/$1 per million reads: The Element AVITI System has the lowest run costs available today in a benchtop instrument.

1 billion reads/300 Gb per flow cell: With mid-throughput and factory scale pricing, AVITI System enables cost-effective exome and low-pass sequencing.

>90% Q30 data: Avidity Sequencing™ offers industry-leading accuracy, nearly eliminates index hopping, and has a low duplication rate.

Reagent price guarantee: Stable reagent pricing for the life of the instrument empowers researchers to do more science for their budget.

Dual independent flow cells:With 600 Gb of total throughput, run two applications at staggered times or maximize output with parallel runs.

Ecosystem compatibility:Validated solutions including bulk and scRNA, exome, and low-pass sequencing preserve your existing workflows.



The AVITI System uses completely novel technology, Avidity Sequencing.

  • Our patented low-binding surface chemistry drives high accuracy even at high polony densities.

  • Rolling circle amplification eliminates PCR error propagation and limits AT/GC bias,

  • Dye-labelled avidites covered in nucleotides bind to multiple polymerase complexes. Ultra-stable complexes enable far lower reagent concentrations and costs



Performance Parameters

Flow cells: Two random access

Read pairs PF/flow cell: ≥ 1 billion

Maximum Read Length: 2 x 150 bp

Operating Environment

Temperature: 18–26 ℃

Altitude: < 2000 m

Sound level: ≤ 62 db at 3.3 ft

Physical Dimensions

(H × W × D) 29.5 in × 37.6 in × 28.5 in

Weight: 155.1 kg/342 lb

Crated Dimensions

(H × W × D) 48.6 in × 51 in × 35 in

Weight: 245.9 kg/527 lb

Power Requirements

100–240 V at 50/60 Hz, 15 A, 550 W (average)

Operating System

Ubuntu Core 20.04 LTS

Safety & Compliance

NRTL certified IEC 61010-1:2010

FCC certified


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1Element AVITI System Specification Sheet

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