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Arima Arima HiC+ Kit

Genome-Wide HiC -- Arima HiC+ Kit, 8 rxns

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Genome-Wide Hi-C

There is More to a Genome than Just Sequence

Our Arima-HiC+ Kit provides flexible and robust solutions for exploring both genome sequence + structure so you can understand how spatial relationships in genome structure impact gene regulation, cellular development, and disease processes. 


  • Proven Performance: Improve resolution and genome coverage with innovative multiple restriction enzyme chemistry. Save substantial sequencing costs via increased long-range signal.

  • User-Friendly Workflow: Gain research insights quickly with rapid 6 hour automation-friendly protocol and reproducible results. Assure library quality with quantitative and predictive QC steps. 

  • Sample Flexibility: Analyze previously inaccessible low-input samples, including FFPE, using robust Arima-HiC chemistry. Maximize sample recovery with single-tube chemistry.


Benefits of Genome-Wide HiC
The Arima Genome-Wide HiC+ Kit and workflow is ideal for understanding gene regulation and epigenetic mechanisms.

  • - Identify all structural elements in the genome, including compartments, TADs, and loops

  • - Achieve uniform coverage across >90% of the genome

  • - Utilize a variety of sample types, including plant tissue, cell culture, vertebrate tissue samples, and invertebrates


Product Specifications

Sample Type:

  • Tissue, blood, cell lines, whole insects

Sample Input:

  • 500K-1M mammalian cells​

  • 50-100mg frozen large animal tissue​

  • 5-10 mosquitos​

  • 2mL of mammalian blood​

  • 50-100ul of nucleated blood​

  • 125-250mg of plant tissue


  • Compartments: >50M reads, ​

  • TADS: >200M reads,​

  • Loops: >600M reads​

Compatible Sequencer:

  • Illumina sequencing platforms​

Genome Uniformity:

  • ~90% of the genome (8-10% of the genome inaccessible due to repetitive regions)​


  • Open-source tools​

 Catalog #: A510008

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