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Berthold Apollo ELISA Reader

Absorbance Microplate Reader

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Absorbance Microplate Readers


Flexible and reliable absorbance plate readers you can trust


Absorbance microplate readers are found in most laboratories, as absorbance measurements are used in many common assays from basic ELISA to high-throughput assays. Compared to single-sample colorimeters and spectrophotometers, they offer a much higher throughput. From filter-based ELISA readers offering great performance and good value to monochromator-based plate readers providing UV-VIS detection, Berthold Technologies has the absorbance reader that fits your application needs.


Compare Absorbance Microplate Readers




  Apollo Tristar 3 Tristar 5


  • Photodiode for absorbance


  • Low-noise photomultiplier tube in dual mode
  • Photodiode for absorbance


  • 2 Low-noise photomultiplier tube in dual mode
  • Photodiode for absorbance
Absorbance (Vis)

Absorbance (UV)








Reliable ELISA and Absorbance analysis in just 6 seconds


The Apollo ELISA Reader is an intuitive and reliable filter-based microplate reader that can be used for a wide variety of research and routine applications.

The system has been designed to help you accelerate your research combining fast measurement of 96-well plates in just 6 seconds with intuitive 7-inch colour touchscreen stand-alone operation.







Wavelength range from 340 to 750 nm covers a broad range of applications.


Fast measurement


Read your samples in just 6 seconds (fast mode).


Trust your data


Accuracy of ± 1 % or ± 0.005 OD (0-3 OD).


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