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Arima Promoter Capture module [human]

Promoter Capture HiC -- Arima Promoter Capture module [human], 8 rxns. Catalog #: A302010

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Promoter Capture HiC

Gain Deeper Insights on Promoter Interactions

Use the Arima-HiC+ Promoter Capture Panel to explore the epigenetic mechanisms that drive gene regulation to better understand disease mechanisms.


  • Proven Performance: Achieve greater accuracy of chromatin loop and topological domain detection through high-quality interaction data.

  • Flexible Workflow: Select from our comprehensive pre-designed human or mouse promoter panels with >23,000 targets each.

  • Increase Efficiency: Save time and money by streamlining your workflow and concentrating your sequencing depth


Benefits of the Promoter Capture HiC Workflow

The HiC+ Kit and Promoter Capture HiC workflow are designed to speed time to discovery of critical promoter interactions.

  • - Characterize regulatory differences between samples

  • - Generate conformational profiles of promoter regions

  • - Identify novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets


Product Specifications

Sample Type*:

  • Cell Culture, Primary Cells

Sample Input**:

  • Standard Input: 1M cells


  • ≤5kb resolution, 100M reads/sample​

Compatible Sequencer:

  • Illumina sequencing platforms


  • Arima Capture-HiC+ Pipeline


*Additional sample types and lower input amounts are possible​

**Lower input amounts are possible; contact Arima Genomics Tech Support for more information.

Catalog #: A302010

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